This is a small app that helps you to calculate the total size of a book cover, as well as the positions of useful guide lines.

Enter the values for the page width, page height, paper thickness, number of pages, and bleed for your book. You can enter values in units of millimetres, centimetres, decimetres, or inches.

Made by Benjamin T. Milnes

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KDP Print Options

If you're using KDP, the paper thicknesses for the different printing options are:

Cream paper: 0.0025 in
White paper: 0.002252 in

Cover Size Calculator

Total Width:
Total Height:
Spine Width:
Left Bleed Edge:
Right Bleed Edge:
Top Bleed Edge:
Bottom Bleed Edge:
Left Spine Edge:
Right Spine Edge:
Front Cover Centre:
Back Cover Centre: