More On The Subject Of Trolls

More On The Subject Of Trolls is the sequel to On The Subject Of Trolls. Like the first book, this book is a collection of short stories set in a mythologised Anglo-Saxon England. The five stories in this book are: Clund the Obstructive, Kill The Golden Goose, The Company, Ceod the Beautiful, and Ceon the Noble.

From the back cover:

‘Trolls are rarely seen in groups – it’s thought that their inherently adversarial nature makes it difficult for them to co-operate. But when trolls do decide to work together, they are particularly dangerous.

No-one’s been able to agree on exactly what a group of trolls is called: a commentary of trolls, a company of trolls, a parliament of trolls, an unctuosity of trolls. But regardless of what they are called, defeating a group of trolls requires determination, decisiveness, and no small amount of impatience.’

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