Yet More On The Subject Of Trolls

Yet More On The Subject Of Trolls is the third book in the On The Subject Of Trolls series. Like the first two books, this book is a collection of short stories that look at the ugliest creatures in mythology: trolls. The five stories in this book are: Snong the Priggish, The Parliament, Pung the Fanatical, Ƿ (Wynn), and Sigeraed the Silent.

From the back cover:

‘Five more of Aelfraed of Cirneceaster’s lost stories have been found, and this time, it seems he’s gotten a bit too near to some of the trolls he tells of.

Trolls can be annoying in many ways, but their deception and dishonesty are perhaps their most frustrating traits. Trolls will lie not just about their own opinions, but about the choices they have and make, and about how the world really is. Defeating trolls of such nature requires a sharp wit and blunt words, and a stubborn refusal to go along with their delusions.’

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