Should you use white or cream paper for a novel?

Cream. Always cream.

Many self-publishing platforms give you different options for the type of paper to use for your book. Generally, you will be able to choose either white or cream paper.

With novels, the convention is to pretty much always use cream paper. Cream paper is seen as more elegant to use for fiction. This is, ultimately, just a convention though, and it is entirely up to you which one you want to use – if you want to use white paper, you can.

But the general convention is cream paper for fiction, white paper for non-fiction. (Although it is fairly common to see non-fiction works printed on cream paper too.) This convention is determined partly by the fact that works of non-fiction may be more likely to include colour images in them, and colour images are best printed on white paper so that the colours are a bit truer to what was intended.

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