What is a series of four books called?

A series of four books is called a tetralogy.

The word ‘trilogy’ means ‘a series of three works’. It comes from the Greek trilogia, which is made from two word-forming elements: tri- meaning ‘three’ and logia, which is from logos, meaning ‘story’, ‘idea’, ‘speech’.

In order to find a corresponding word that means ‘a series of four works’, we just replace tri- with the Greek numeral prefix meaning ‘four’, which is tetra-. Hence, a tetralogy is a series of four works (or books).

Logos was also a word in Latin (Latin borrowed many words from Greek), so you can alternatively use the Latin numeral prefix for ‘four’, which is quadri-. So a series of four works can also be called a quadrilogy.

A series of four works is also sometimes called a ‘quartet’.

Other words for series’ of works

A series of two worksduology
A series of three workstrilogy
A series of four workstetralogy
A series of five workspentalogy
A series of six workshexalogy
A series of seven worksheptalogy
A series of eight worksoctology
A series of nine worksennealogy
A series of ten worksdecalogy
A series of eleven workshendecalogy
A series of twelve worksdodecalogy
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